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How To Convert Website Link, FB Page or Blog Into Android App With Admob (optional)

How To Convert Website Link, FB Page or Blog Into Android App With Admob (optional)

Converting website into Android app is more easy and fun with Samora Bot. You only need 5mins to get everything done. If you already have Samora Bot, open it or install it from Google Play Store if you don't have Samora Bot

Click on where circled above.

You have three actions to perform on this panel.

  1. Convert Website: You need to type 1 in order to convert website and make sure you already have Secret Code.
  2. Get Secret Code: A Secret Code is a key that you will need each time you want to convert website to Android app. Type 2 to get Secret Code
  3. Check Balance: Once you have gotten Secret Code, you can type 3 to check your Secret Code balance. Balance means total number of websites your Secret Code can convert.

If you type 2 as shown above, Samora will give you link to get a Secret Code. Therefore, click on here link above.

Above shows sequence of converting a website. Follow below steps to achieve above picture output.

  • Send 1 to Samora as a chat
  • Provide your Secret Code
  • Enter any website link to convert. Note: You can convert any link that is accessible via a web browser. It can be main website, login link, post link, subdomain e.t.c
  • Click on where circled in the above picture to complete the conversion.