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DigiLearn for Teacher


DigiLearn for Teacher

Digi teacher App is a platform that manages every teacher activities. It has a very robust components that make every action in the app possible. A context aware system is also embedded into the App that call your attention to what is happening in the system.

Below are the functions of DigiLearn App (teacher)

2. teachers can store their class/course information for a quick retrieval of course details
3. teachers can store their timetable of their courses and the App alarms them when next they have lectures
4. teachers can view their course of lecture afterwards, see list of students offering the courses. Lecture can view students’ profile, send individual message, bulk message and even make anyone of them as HOC.
6. teacher has the ability to give his students assignment and test with a limited time/day.
7. teacher has ability to generate students’ grade into excel format which will be used for their scores.
8. teachers can use DigiLearn App attendance to mark student attendance and set the number of students together with closing time for the attendance. The attendance record can be downloaded in xls (excel report) only for teachers.

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